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... to the website of Kohwai and Young Publications, Malaysia. Since our founding in 1992, we have specialized in children's books that are bursting with vibrant, colourful photographs and illustrations. Our philosophy has always been that the most successful children's books are those that appeal first to the child's eye and then to their mind


For the earliest preschoolers who are just beginning to learn their alphabet, phonics, colours, numbers, shapes and sizes, our books have a tremendous visual appeal. This promotes a love of books, a love of reading, and a desire to progress in their education. Brightly illustrated books lead to bright minds.


Our international partners that have published our books in over twenty languages seem to share this view. Have a look through our website to examine our new book collections. You will soon understand the appeal of our books as they attract young readers. When we nurture a love of books and reading, we instil in every child a healthy curiosity to understand and succeed in the world. Share this successful approach with the children.